Hydraulic engineering

Hydraulic engineering

Design of hydraulic projects

The Berkhout Hydraulics design department has the knowledge and skills to transform complex hydraulic issues into solutions through hydraulic engineering. We can work out your idea or wish from concept to detail and, if desired, supervise the manufacture, assembly and commissioning. A sketch design is the basis for our engineering activities. Our  broad component knowledge can be of great value to you, because we are able to fill in and realize the “missing link” in multidisciplinary projects. If you have a technical issue or if you “just” want advice, we heartily recommend that you contact us. After all, solving a complex issue can only be properly accomplished if people are prepared to deal with it openly and transparently and consult the best people in order to achieve an optimal result. And that is what we do.

Our working method in hydraulic engineering

In this phase, we draw up a schedule of requirements together with the client and if necessary the end user. We make an inventory of all wishes and needs, both of the client and of the users. This provides a complete picture and lays the foundation for hydraulic engineering planning. We express expectations to each other in order to achieve the ultimate goal together.

The project is elaborated (defined). The management aspects, time, quality, information, money and organization are given full attention here, as well as the risk analysis and the determination of the approach to the project.

In this phase, we come up with and evaluate the ideas and concepts to arrive at a preliminary sketch design and final design criteria.

The design criteria are worked out in detail. We ensure that the hydraulic system complies with all set requirements such as safety, health and the environment, which are laid down in the legal provision of the machinery directive.

All hydraulic systems are assembled in our workshop from start till finish. This offers us the opportunity to switch quickly and to work flexibly. We have the right people and equipment to commission the project on location worldwide.

A project does not end when it is completed and commissioned. It is very important to us to keep our relations satisfied and to guarantee possible future cooperation. We offer the necessary support with regard to guarantees and maintenance.