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Berkhout Hydraulics

About us

Who we are

Berkhout Hydraulics is a young company with an enthusiastic team and specialists in the field of hydraulics. We are very flexible and have an eye for a personal approach. Till the spring of 2020 we were located in Sliedrecht, but because the location in Sliedrecht quickly became too small, we moved to Rotterdam . In our new building we have a spacious workshop of 475 square meters with advanced equipment. The workshop is equipped with an overhead crane with a lifting capacity of 6.3 tonnes. This gives us sufficient capacity to move and overhaul heavy cylinders.

Specialists in the field of hydraulics

Our core activities focus on hydraulic applications in various markets such as the dredging industry, offshore, shipping and industry. We can completely design, produce, install and deliver hydraulic installations for both new construction and refits. Thanks to our many years of experience, you can contact us for engineering of various hydraulic issues. We also have a field service for installation, repair, maintenance and inspections of both known and unknown hydraulic systems. Close contact with our customers and employees is important to us.


We have moved!!!

We are proud to announce that we have moved to our new building. Our new address is Stolwijkstraat 82, 3079 DN Rotterdam. In our new building we have a workshop of 475 square meters, and is equipped with an overhead crane with a lifting capacity of 6.3 tons. All this in order to serve you better.